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I laughed my head off.

And it fell inside a burger and exploded. And then lolilops the power rangers tried to get me to go to school but i died.

My God I love this.

I totally cracked up when Sonic was driving a car. Epic.

Kenshiro owned him.

Great. But it wasn't really a fight, since Shin was owned in one attack.

Still, great, and you get top marks for being the first Hokuto no Ken animation I've seen on Newgrounds.

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It's really good. Strong sounding and the drums give it a good beat.

I was thinking a more prominent higher melody would come in at some point, but the higher tones felt a little overwhelmed. Be nice to balance out the distortion synth guitar.

Again though, the drums are nice and punchy, and the overall sound is strong. Needs more variation to it to be worth five stars, but it's definitely worth a solid 4.

I like it. The basic rhythm of this is neat.

I do feel that the drums are a bit weak in places (could be a mixing issue?), and that the lead guitar could have done with being higher pitched to add more intensity (personal preference really). Even so, this is a decent track that just needs some balancing out to unlock its full potential.

Insomnimatic responds:

Thanks a lot for the review. I thought the same about the drums and I may try to add more to give it that punch that it needs. I may also experiment with the higher notes.

Great! It's got that crazy whimsical adventure feel down pat.

I don't know anything about music... but I do it anyway.

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